Merino Prefelt / Wool Pre felt - We will be closing for christmas next Thursday the 20th of December and reopen Wednesday the 2nd of January

Merino wool prefelt also know as pre-felt and pre felt. 100% wool prefelt is approximately 2mm thick. Can be used in needle felting or wet felting.

Our 23 micron dyed pre-felt is a lightweight thin fragile fabric which is not fully felted for adding to your wool before felting either by wet felting or with a felting needle.

Drawing straight onto pre-felt can be troublesome so when cutting shapes from pre felt we recommend you use freezer paper (or another paper you can iron on and remove later) as your design can be drawn or printed the paper ironed on to the pre felt then cut out, and the paper very gently removed. Otherwise it can be cut freehand.

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