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Felting needles are used to mesh and tangle the wool together to form pictures or 3D forms such as Cats or teddy bears.

They come in a variety of sizes please see our 'guide to felting' for more detail on which needle to use.

Felting needles are brittle, and are therefore easily broken. To reduce breakages use the needle in a straight in, straight out motion. The needle is best not bent, wiggled or put under a lot of pressure. As a general rule if the needle will not enter a surface with ease do not force it.

These needles are compatible with all the handles we sell.

Needle felting handles are to hold a single or multiple felting needles when dry felting wool or other fibres.

Felting handles create increased comfort when felting and give you option to use more than one needle at a time which can reduce the time taken on a project.

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